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‘You Should Start Acting Your Age’- Yeah, My Doctor Said That

It’s a week and a half today since the ER visit.

My doctors office couldn’t get me in for this long after the ER visit. Honestly, the scheduling lady didn’t seem to care.

My doctor, of course, he thinks the ER is wrong. Probably no pneumonia, probably not pleurisy. No idea what it IS or how to keep it from coming back. And I’m not sure if I have just wasted a week sitting around taking antibiotics, or if I had gone on another ride if the pain would have come back.

As I leave, he’s dictating his notes in the hallway. Words like “chronic overuse conditions”, “history of asthma”, “negative test results”, and “continues to report significant abdominal tenderness”. He tossed in another chest xray just to be sure and a prescription for PT to see if “if they can do something.”

In the hallway on my way out he jokes with me, again, that I should start acting my age.

That did it. Screw the whole thing. The heck with my body, and what ever is going on. It won’t matter. I don’t care that I am behind on the spreadsheet, or the pool, or the run/walk. I’m just going to keep on going and trying. I’m armed with plenty of massage cream at home, the pan scraper to scrub out my muscles in the spots they keep getting inflamed and sore, and the best support crew of a family anyone could ever want.

Also- I need a new doctor.

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