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5 Quick Reads for Putting Your Character in Peril: Writing Realistic Drug Scenes

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My guest blogs at Writers In The Storm– an award winning blog for writers- are quick reads that can help you create more realistic page-turners:

Fentanyl 101 For Writers:

Because sometimes we need to know how to protect our own family. It isn’t always about writing. Read more

What Triathlons Taught Me About Writing (and what it can teach you):

When people find out I’m training for another Ironman triathlon, they usually ask me why I would spend countless hours working towards a single goal that I might not even win (or finish?). Wait until they find out I’m also a writer. Read more

How To Write Believable Drug Scenes: Including Sensory Details:

Sights, sounds, and smells often evoke very powerful memories. Why not use them in your drug scene to pull the reader in? Read more

Over My Dead Body: Writing Killer Drug Scenes:

Written well, an overdose scene is a page-turner. But if your character instantly drops dead from an insulin overdose, the thud you hear won’t be from the body dropping to the ground. Read more

Plotting Drug Scenes: Lethal Writing Traps to Avoid

So…you want to kill off a character and write a scene where he grabs his neck and dies instantly after a sip from drug-laced drink!

Not so fast! (Find out why here. )

I hope you enjoy learning more about plotting your scenes realistically. I’d love to hear how you incorporate these concepts into your own writing in the comments!

Happy Plotting!

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