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You’re Not Alone! Writers Blogshare About Writing Fears, Insecurities, and Taking Risks

What fears and insecurities hamper for you as a writer?

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What makes you worry if your words are good enough, the character arcs compelling enough, the scene enticing enough to be a page turner? Do these concerns paralyze your creativity, leaving the pen dry and the paper empty? Or do they keep you from hitting that Enter key to send your manuscript off to a critique partner, a query contest, or an agent?

You are not alone! Many authors have struggled with feelings of inadequacy as a writer. Personally, I have struggled with the fear that what I write is not good enough. That I am kidding myself- how could I be a writer? How could I think I could hang with the likes of (name any) published author? (See my article on Imposters Syndrome).

Sharing Writing Fears: Safety Among Friends

Bare hands and feat in a circle as a show of team with no writing fears

Since we know it can be comforting to know you aren’t the only author with writing fears, this month, a number of authors are sharing our experiences and thoughts about writing fears and insecurities as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog share day. This month’s posts are co-hosted by these by: PK Hrezo, Pat Garcia, SE White, Lisa Buie Collard, and Diane Burton!

Below are links to a variety of author’s tips and discussions about their own experiences with doubts and writing fears.

I also have several previous posts right here on this blog that may help with some suggestions to help get you on the ‘write’ track (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

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Negative Self Talk: We ALL Have a Choice

Check out this months posts from these authors:

Patsy Davies

Anne Doucette

Jemi Fraser

L Diane Wolfe

Nick Wilford

Sonia Dogra

Lynn Janine Simpson

Yvonne Ventresca

Damyanti Biswas

Ellen Jacobson

Mary Aalgaard

Marie Andreas

Tanya Miranda

Deniz Bevan

Michelle Wallace

Liesbet Collaert

Adrienne Reiter

Shannon Lawrence

Tizzy Brown

See? You are NOT alone! I hope you enjoy the posts and find some good nuggets to help bolster you through your writing!

Happy Writing!


  1. Thanks for the encouraging words to overcome imposter syndrome or to make it slightly better knowing that there are tons of writers gnawing at their fingernails and hiding their writing. Happy IWSG day

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