Who Knew- The Old-Fashioned Windmill Stroke May Still Be The Best

Christmas break was good. We all went to OKC to see the folks. I got in a couple of really challenging interval training sessions on the elliptical at the local YMCA. I took my little DVD player with me. It’s amazing how the music track for GI Joe can really get you pumped up during sprints. I also got in a swim. The lifeguard was kind enough to coach me at the end of my swim on how to avoid shoulder injuries- he noticed that I was rubbing my shoulder at the end of every lap. As it turns out, the original old-fashioned windmill stroke my dad taught me as a kid would save my shoulders better than the all the newfangled s-curve strokes I’d been taught more recently to do.  I’ve had one rotator cuff surgery, so not planning on another and making plans to pay attention to the lifeguard’s words of wisdomThe YMCA

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