Starting Run and Swim Training From Scratch

I’ve managed for the last couple of weeks to do 30-40 mile bike rides on Saturdays and maybe 20-25 on Wednesdays, plus the elliptical at YMCA periodically.

The flatline on my swimming training graph is begging for some attention, though. Of course, the YMCA has decided to shut down the entire pool for a couple of weeks to (once again) fix the pool. (Honestly, our YMCA pool is regularly under repair. I totally don;t understand). The nearest YMCA pool that isn’t closed for the entire winter is all the way downtown Phoenix.

OMG. That’s not happening.

When your drive to the pool is longer than the swim:

I’ve tried to get over to the local Kiwanis for a swim- at least they have an indoor pool. But I’ve been getting off of work too late to go. When I finally made it to the Kiwanis Rec Center, I got in 500 yards before my arms felt like floppy rubber sacks and my lungs pretty much hated me. Totally loved it! I may or may not have left half a lung on the pool deck.

The drive there was, in fact, longer than the swim. But the important thing to note was that I went.

Unfortunately, their pool is also closing next week to repaint it for ‘Swimming with Santa”.


I’m putting off swimming until after Christmas.

Running ( or how to do a really fast walk): 

I refocused my efforts on fixing non-existent baseline for the run leg of the race (well, based on my injury past, it will have to be a fast walk). So today I woke up to the excitement of walking around the entire block.

I am not even being sarcastic. This to me is huge feat. I have been so stupidly injured for so long in so many ways that a fast walk/jog around the block is about 4.5 miles and seems very, very long. I started what I considered to be a brisk pace, and headed off. Pretty much every step of the way I waited to feel some injury crop up, some knee pull or back ache or something to remind me that I may have just wasted over $700 of the family money.

I actually felt pretty good by the time I got home, although flat out tired. I managed to do the lap in just over an hour. I am figuring that puts me at about a 6 ½ hour marathon leg for the race.


It wasn’t until later in the day, after I’d been sitting for a while and tried to get up that my shins and calves screamed at me. I have been limping most of the rest of the day. I’m not injured, just so, so sore. But is it that good kind of sore that says you got to really push yourself.

I spent some time in the Normotec Compression Boots. BEST investment ever.

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