graphs of cycling, swimming, and running distances as scatter plots

Spreadsheets Fix Everything, Right? (or how to avoid training when scared)

I sat down today and pulled out Excel and made a dutiful spreadsheet. The litmus test in our house for how serious someone is about a project, or how much they are trying to procrastinate said project, is starting an Excel spreadsheet. After an hour of hemming and hawing, the overly detail–oriented side of my brain wins, and I elect to make one tab for each leg of the race. It seems easy enough on paper.

Plus, designing that many pages and starting the graphs will keep me from actually having to think about the race and what possessed me to sign up.

Spreadsheets I can do.

The first tab isn’t so bad, because I’m graphing out the cycling. This is my best leg. Ok, actually right now it’s the only leg of the race that I have had any training on for the better part of a few years. But still, it’s starting on a positive note. 112 mile bike ride, divided by approximately 12 months…all I need to do is increase my longest bike ride each week by a couple of miles. Sounds doable! I do the same break down for the swim and the run (ok- I’m planning to walk it because my sucky back has a herniated disk).

I have 17 hours to finish.



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