Blue triathlon bike with back aerobars

Should You Really Cycle A Few Days After Going to the ER? (Uhm,no!)

It’s Wednesday. The ER visit was several days ago. I am trying to pull myself back to normal.

Blame it on ‘Helicopter Mom Syndrome’

My daughter got clipless cycling shoes and pedals for Christmas. (YAY!!!) She leaves town tomorrow to go back to Malibu for school and I don’t want her going back until she gets some good solid practice clipping in and out in traffic. Malibu has a lot of hills. The last time I cycled there, the cars were passing fast and really close by, with little extra room. So we head out on the bikes.

Yes- I got on the bike a few days after being in the ER all night and still in pain. 

I skipped any pain pills that day to rides safely. I get about 4 miles out before I turn back– my side pain is still kicking me. I can;t take a good breath.

Fine. I have a backup plan.

I cycle home, and follow my daughter in the van to the Church parking lot, and watch her ride figure eights until we are both convinced she has a pretty good handle on it all.

OK- honestly, she knew she was fine.

She heads off on the road, and I head home.

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