No Repercussions!

Last night- no extra pain! Yay! It is all there- just dull.

Totally looking forward to getting the physical therapist to assess it the end of this week. I managed to drop the excuses and get to the YMCA today for about 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. The rest of the day was filled to the brim with continuing education tests for my license, working on my lecture.

I’m afraid to look at my training graph- I know I’m well below goal. Some of my friends keep telling me its OK because it’s only January. I think I’m freaking out a little, though. Wish I could get to PT sooner, just to know if I push myself if I’m going to end up back in the ER. Russ leaves town tomorrow for a few days, so if something happens, I’m on my own.

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