Athletic kinesiology blue and pink tape on injured shoulder

Next Stop- Physical Therapy

It’s been pouring today.

It’s a lot like I feel.

I started the day early at work so I could take off for a bit and go get assessed at PT. Kinda dreaded it all day yesterday, because I know it means pain. This morning, I managed to compartmentalize the fear: got up, went to work, ran the numbers on my patients, worked with my student, got in the car to drive to the appointment. It was kind of like watching someone else for the morning.

TJ didn’t disappoint.

He thinks he has part of stuff figured out. And that’s more than I had going in. Seems like that fun combination of asthma and a couple of recent chest colds sent my diaphragm into overdrive and it is all knotted up and hurty (yes- that IS the medical term).

(Turns out that maybe I shouldn’t have done the Malibu Tri with a full respiratory infection, after all. Who’da thunk?).

He dug his fingers under my rib cage, digging at the sore knots, for what felt like an eternity. Periodically he would say, “hmmmm, feel that? That’s not supposed to be there.” And then he’d joyously dig a little deeper into that area.

Think About What you Wear to PT!!

I also want to note that I should’ve worn a jog bra. I didn’t think ahead much, and wore some exercise shorts, but just a bra and tshirt. After several rounds of PT over the years, I really should’ve learned by now. He needed to get into the rib cage– duh.

Wear Clean Undies In Case You Get Into An Accident ( or go to PT)-

You know that saying about wearing clean underwear in case you get into and accident and the paramedics see them? Well, I now apply that to bras and PT. Because I had on the most comfortable bra in my closet- which also meant it was horribly worn and old. Luckily, he decided to just roll up my shirt, and the bra remained nicely hidden, frays and all.

Next time-jog bra.

He also went after the knot at the base of my spine- evidently the two are connected somehow. He’s pretty funny. He’ll be talking to me, then his eyes kind of drift off, and then he starts talking about what he’s figuring out as his fingers hit bumps and knots. You can actually see the brain gears cranking away.

Relief!! (With a bruise or two)

But you know what? I went the rest of the afternoon at work not feeling the ugly sore at the base of my spine. And despite the bruised tissue on my back, stomach, ribs…I am feeling more optimistic than I have since I went to the ER!

Looking forward to a bike ride tomorrow.

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