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computer opened to a google search for an authors website with an writer typing on the keys, a white mug of coffee sitting nearby

Author Website or Blog- Why You Need One and How to Make It Work For You

If you ask writers about the need for an author website or blog, you’ll get a LOT of empassioned responses: don’t have one, do have one, they’re expensive, I don’t…

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3 Daily Goals to Make Your 2024 Writing Successful

If you’re like most people, our New Year’s resolutions, whether related to writing or the rest of our lives, are already wobbly. By the 2nd Friday in January, known as…

Woman with black hair sitting on the floor facing away toward a window and and outside sky of neon blues, green, and purple, as if depicting psychedelic parenting

Psychedelic Parenting and Magic Mushrooms- Facts for Writing Realistic Drug Scenes

If you’re being honest, you probably clicked on this article with a certain amount of skeptical disbelief, after blurting out something like, “Uhm, what the hell?” …at least that was…

Athlete sitting on the ground changing gear during triathlon transition next to a rack of triathlon bikes.

Conquer Triathlon Transition Fear (Part 3)

If you’ve been following this 3 part series, by now you have a lovely little triathlon transition set-up near your bike. If not, see Part 1 and Part 2, and…