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Writing a Spice Scene? Learn the Difference Between Kush, Kush, and Kush

Ok. Be honest. Some of you are reading this because…

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Developing Your Manuscript by Starting at The End

In all my years of plotting and developing character arcs…

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Writing Realistic Melatonin Overdose Scenes

Wait…what? Isn’t melatonin just a natural sleep aid? How could…

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Psychedelic Parenting and Magic Mushrooms-Writing Realistic Drug Scenes

If you’re being honest, you probably clicked on this article…

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Conquer Triathlon Transition Fear (Part 3)

If you’ve been following this 3 part series, by now…

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Conquer Triathlon Transition Fear (Part 2): Know how to set up your race area

Welcome back to this 3-part series designed to help you…