Graduation Cap Chocolate Lollipop Treats- Simple and Memorable

So many people loved these, that with graduation approaching soon, I am reposting this fun and easy grad party treat. Enjoy!!

Well, high school graduation is around the corner, not to mention the good grad party dates are going to be all taken soon by Mom’s that are really on top of their calendars. (Could they please stop raising the bar on the supermom behaviors?) But if you’re like me, when my kids were about to graduate high school, I had been ignoring the possibility for so long (denying it, actually), that I was caught waaaaay off guard.

To fill the sudden void created by the realization that my kids were leaving home soon….I started planning the grad party. And buying lots of boxes of tissues.

There were many insane moments along the way, from theme decisions, to food decisions. But the MOST POPULAR treats at my daughter’s grad party were the graduation hat chocolate lollipops. In fact, some of the kids didn’t want to ruin them, but once they started eating them….they devoured them.

Also, they make a cute display. And….don’t tell anyone, but they are really easy.

What does it take? (It only looks like lots of steps- it’s not, I’m just being detailed….read it through before you give up).


  • Square candy mold (for style similar to mortar board like this one here)
    • AND one for that looks like small cups (example here) .
    • Or there are these that have both shapes in the same tray (here)
  • Lollipop stick holders (I got mine at a craft store)
  • Tube of icing (PREMADE ICING!!! It takes less time and works the same).
  • Colored candy melts in your schools colors (like these) SOOOO many colors to choose from.
  • Mini M&Ms (pick out the M&Ms for one of your school colors, eat the rest. )
  • Flower vase
  • Tissue paper ( school colors)
  • Curling ribbon (school colors)


  • Melt a portion of the color candy chocolate for the hat (follow package directions).
  • Fill the candy mold tray(s) for both parts of the grad hat with this color.
  • Pop them in the fridge
    • In ~ 2-3 minutes (BEFORE they are hard but when they are thick) pull out the candy cup mold, stick the lollipop stick into the center of the cup, and put back into the fridge. Hopefully, they are solid enough by then to hold the stick up, but not be too hard and crumble. This will take a little experimenting with your fridge temps.
  • Once hardened, pop everything out of the molds and onto a tray.
  • Lay the cap squares down on a tray.
    • Put a dab of icing in the middle (or melted chocolate) and
    • Stick the chocolate cup to it (you can hold onto the lollipop stick)
    • Set them aside on a tray to dry/harden. (I put mine back in the fridge so they were REALLY hard.)
  • Once dried, add a dab of icing (or melted chocolate) to the flat top of the mortar board and stick the mini M&M in the second school color to it and let dry.

For the party, I shoved a Styrofoam cone from the craft store into a flower vase, unceremoniously wrapped colored tissue paper (in the main school color) around the vase, and secured it with my a ribbon (in a color matching the M&M on the cap).

I shoved the lollipops into the Styrofoam just prior to the party.

And that was it. It doesn’t take very long, and if you make an assembly line, it goes fast. I made mine several days ahead of the party, and kept them in a Tupperware container in the fridge.

Have a Great Grad Party!!

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