Flu Update- Yeah, I’m Sick of it, Too (no pun intended). But, Don’t Let Your Guard Down Yet…

The flu cases have come way down in the last couple of weeks. And that is great news!

What’s NOT so great is that the flu is no longer the fear-rocket that it was, so the media isn’t really headlining much about it anymore. There are more glamorous, sexy stories for them to attract viewers.

Why is that bad? Because folks are starting to say things like the flu is gone. It’s over.


Yes- it is way down from the super high levels of before. So it feels so much better. But with still almost 7000 new cases of flu in the week ending March 3rd, its nothing to sneeze at (couldn’t resist). We still have people showing up to our emergency room in need of help from the bad cases of the flu. Just not as many as before. And 5 more pediatric death this past week, bring the season total to 119. So it is still out there!

The concern is that folks will stop being careful, drop their guard, and risk exposure. And just because the number of cases is going down, doesn’t mean the violence of the bug itself has gone down.

If you contract the flu, you are going to be sick. Don’t risk it. Keep yourself protected and using infection control protection processes, including not touching your eyes or mouth unless you have just washed your hands with soapy water, use hand gel, and stay away form folks that are coughing or known to be sick. Get to the doctor for antiviral medication if you start getting symptoms.

I hope it is all gone soon. But until then,

Stay Smart!


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