Flu- Not Quite Gone Yet (Hang In There)…

It’s getting better, bit by bit. But better is relative. With the huge wave of flu that hit the USA this year, the decrease in numbers leaves us still well above the epidemic thresholds for deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza, and with 9 more children dying this past week. Our hospital beds still have flu patients that area very, very sick.

So, this week? Same story:

  • Wash the hands, cough into your elbow.
    • Remember, coughs can spread 6 feet or more, and the droplets in the air can land on your lips or mucous membranes. THIS is how the flu is spread. OR if you shake hands or otherwise touch a contaminated object, then touch your mouth, eyes, or other mucous membrane. So, DON’T DO that.
  • Get treated right away if you get the symptoms- get Tamiflu, and give your self a better chance of not getting as sick, and getting better sooner. (There is a shortage, but you can still find it if you call around pharmacies). There are some national call

I’m actually still the person you’ll see make an about face in the grocery isle if someone is coughing in that isle. Whatever was on my list? I cross it off. I don’t need it that badly. I’m playing the game of keep away, until the flu is a away.

Stay healthy! (Hang on, we’re ALMOST there)

Flu ILI March 10 2018

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