Cloudy With A Chance of Train(ing)

I spent this past Wednesday cleaning the house, too afraid to get on the bike. To get stuck somewhere in pain, with Russ at work and me stranded somewhere. So I spent my day off of work just cleaning everything in sight.

Russ had a better idea today. He offered to stay home near the car in case I had any issues and I went out on a short local bike ride.

It was cloudy, rainy, and in the low 60’s. And it couldn’t have been any better. I was just glad to get out on the bike. I took a lap down Pecos, to test out the lungs and that side pain thing. Got a little excited up a hill, and kicked it good. Regretted it on the other side. My lung capacity is a bit off.

But it feels so good hitting the downhill at 30 mph, that the kick uphill to get that was worth it. It started raining harder when I was at the end of Pecos, and I started heading back. One big sharp pain in the side on the way back, but that was it.

I only managed about 14 miles. But I didn’t want to push it and find out tonight at 1 am that I need to go back to the ER for being an idiot. I went down to the YMCA for some core work, but my side was nasty so I hit the treadmill to fast-walk for 20.

I did get to go eat my fill at ASU visiting my son at the Barrett cafeteria after all that, though. Awesome gelato! Two scoops!

I think things are looking good…. we’ll see how tonight goes!

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