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How’s The Journey?

It’s that time of year when everything happens all at once: graduations, celebrations, and summer vacations (if we’re lucky!). For some of us it's the start of a new triathlon racing season and others are putting the finishing touches on that manuscript started during NaNoWriMo. Life gets full fast! 

Sometimes, we get overscheduled and fall behind on life. Like this newsletter, for example. It’s been a while since I sent the last one (to be fair, I did promise I wouldn’t bombard you with regular emails), but I haven’t been idle.

I have a big announcement and links to a few new posts, in case you missed them.

What's New

My non-fiction handbook is now in the capable hands of Amy Collins, my agent at Talcott Notch Literary Services. I'm very excited to take the next step in this adventure. I have so many of you to thank for the support along the road that brought me here. 



The Write World    

My newest posts are linked below. Enjoy!

Writing A Believable Drug Smuggling Scene : A few tips to get you started.

How to Cope with Those Roughs Days as a Writer: Need some tips on coping with the messy, non-glamorous, sometimes disheartening side of the writing life? Check out this article for some tips on dealing with those rough days. (Hint: ice cream and ugly crying is condoned).

Emojis and Lethal Fentanyl Pills: Right in the palm of a kid’s hand can be a text with what looks like a cute emoji conversation, when it’s actually an ad for illicit street drugs. Learn how your character can be making a drug deal at the dinner table, right under the watchful eyes of his parents. 

The Tri World      Blue triathlon bike with back aerobars

Need a few tips (and laughs) about starting out in triathlons? Check out these posts:

5 Dumb Moments in My Triathlon Racing That I Survived

Wogging Your Way to the Finish Line

Affordable (and Necessary) Triathlon Recovery Tools

In the next few months, I'll be posting race reviews and tips for how to get the most out of your first (or 50th) triathlon. 


This month's author to check out: 

The Stranje House Series, by Kathleen Baldwin- an alternate history teen fiction that's been optioned for film.

On We Merrily Stumble

Yes, I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Thank you for joining the journey as we all merrily stumble through life, catching each other along the way. Many of you have connected with me this past month and shared your ups and downs as writers. I hope to meet more of you this month.   


3 Tips to Create A Believable Drug Smuggling Scene
So, you want to write a drug smuggling scene, but not sure where to start or how to make your character believable? Here are a few quick tips to get…
2 Steps to Better Cope With Those Inevitably Rough Days as a Writer
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This last weekend, I spent Saturday on the bike for 40 miles doing basically hill after hill…after hill. Sunday, I went out for a run (Well, actually, a wog- click…
5 Dumb Moments in My Triathlon Races (and I survived to race again):
Forgot our racing wheels back at the apartment 30 miles away.In the parking lot. Yep- I wasn’t racing, my husband was. Back in the day, we lived in a small…
Not Able to Run? Try wogging Your Way to the Finish Line
Wogging is a popular way to mix jogging and walking, minimizing injury while making it to the finish line of a race