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Ah, the summertime is almost upon us. In Phoenix, that means waking up to 90 degree mornings that rapidly soar into the triple digits. It won't be long before I'll need a laser thermometer to check the blacktop before taking my dog, Kona, on a walk.

Summer also brings temperatures so hot that triathlon training will start as early as 4 or 5 am and my bike rides will feel like I'm cycling into a hairdryer. Most of us though, are willing to suffer the heat, instead of snowy winters! 

What's the summer like for you? 

Catching Up
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On We Merrily Stumble

~Lifting each other up as we stumble merrily through life~

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#AmQuerying Help: Writing a query letter can be daunting. Here are some resources to make those queries not only easier to write, but impressive. 

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Triathlon Rules (part 2): Yes, the rules changed. But understanding the 'why' can (maybe) make us less grumpy about them (or was that just me?). Here's some good insight (again, kudos to fellow Ironman Tina for sending in this link). 

New Blog Posts: I've been penning a draft to submit to Killer Nashville Magazine (please, oh pretty please, I hope they accept it!), so instead of linking you to new posts, I'm reconnecting you to interesting posts you may have missed.

And for the adventurous:



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