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First, WELCOME to all the new folks that have joined the journey. I hope everyone walks away today with new insight, and even a smile or two. 

I'm in the process of compiling a booklet with a number of references, tips, and helpful links for writers and will share them with you soon.

Catching Up
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On We Merrily Stumble


The IWSG Twitter Pitch Contest is rapidly approaching (March 27th, 2024).

Check out this podcast episode, where Literary Agent Amy Collins (Yes! She is my agent) offers insight to the dreaded comps and why rejections do NOT always reflect on you.


Triathlon Rules! Well, of course it does...but there are also RULES. Ironman rolled out new rules, supposedly to crack down on some aerodynamic shortcuts during races, including restrictions on duct tape and putting water bottles down your shirt. But some of us are a bit skeptical. I've tossed a water bottle down my race top to get out of an aid station safely, then sipped on it later. I have never done it to be more aero...but check out the new rules to be sure YOU don't get a penalty, or worse, DQ'd!

(MANY thanks to fellow Ironman Tina for sending us this update!) 

I hope you all are enjoying the end of wintery weather, wherever you are. I've linked a few recent blogs below. 



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