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The Grim Reader

As a new author, I've learned that I need to leave my comfort zone and delve into new territory. In highschool, I was in the drama club-I even had a few leading roles! But as an adult, when I led a youth drama group, I found I did better being the director than being on stage. 

Well, I'm going to have to get over it. Some of you may have seen my recent "unboxing" video. It actually turned out to be fun and I enjoyed it. Although, my assistant (AKA my daughter), who edited the 30 some-odd clips, while trying to make me look like a natural, might not have the same feeling about the whole thing. 

For a bit of fun, check it out here

But now that my feet are wet, so to speak, it looks like I'll be jumping into the deep end with both feet. Two podcasts have invited me to be a guest on their shows: Simply Write with Polly and Way-Word with Heather Cashman. I don't know when the shows will air (or if my daughter's incredible editing skills will be needed!), but I'll let you all know. 

Wish me luck!

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Happy Sales Month!

What's better that the many forms of chocolate that line the store shelves during February? All the sales! Not to be left out, Indiana University Press has 2 concurrent sales going on for all their books (including The Grim Reader). 

Check out some of their other books like: 

Here are the IUPress deals of the month: 

30% off through 2/14: @iupress (Code ULOVE, has a shipping fee)

40% off through 2/29: @iupress (Code UHISTORY, FREE shipping if you buy 2 or more books)

On We Merrily Stumble


The IWSG Twitter Pitch Contest is coming up (March 27th, 2024). Lots of writers tell me that pitch contests are a thing of the past and don't get you anywhere. I know many are gone. But, as a fledgling writer back in the mid-2000-teens, I had full manuscript requests through pitch contests from several bona fide agents. (That's how I painfully learned that not plotting burned my manuscript's chances with a couple of really good agents. That's a story for another day.) 

Yes, you do have to be careful and use due diligence to vet the agents that request to see more of your work, but there's one thing for sure: if you don't put yourself out there, you'll never get a manuscript request. 


Drug doping in sports has become all too common. Names like Barry Bonds, Marion Jones-Thompson, and, of course, Lance Armstrong have splashed the headlines for their cheating sagas. Unfortunately, drug doping is a thing in triathlon, too. Lance Armstrong was a triathlete long before he became the world famous Tour de France powerhouse. More recently, Brazilian Derik Afornali was suspended for 2 years for doping. 

Have you seen the movie Icarus? If not, I highly recommend it. You get an inside view of a cyclist that teams up with a scientist involved with the Russian Olympic drug testing program. Together, they set out to uncover the truth about cheating in sports, risking danger to the scientist (can you say KGB?) and blowing the lid off of sports doping.

Here is a list of banned substances AND a link to supplements that have been tested to be sure they don't contain banned substances. (Either way, "supplements" may be free of a banned substances, but that doesn't mean they're safe and they are definitely not FDA approved). 

For You

From Tri training to writing spaces, here are a few fun reads to consider:

Writing scientific or medically related scenes? Here are several resources to consider, in addition to The Grim Reader: 

      • Novel Malpractice- yep. I mentioned Rhonda as a resource last month, and still recommend checking out her site. She's a doctor and a writer. She also writes a column for Killer Nashville Magazine. Pair her medical viewpoint with The Grim Reader for real killer plot twists! 
      • Putting Science into Fiction- Dan Koboldt has long run a blog to gather articles on the reality of science in scenes and compiled them in this handy reference.

Sport doping: 

      • Icarus (the movie)- A cyclist. A Russian scientist. Together they blow the lid off of cheating in the Olympics and the world of cycling. 
Happy Super Bowl!
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