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Catching Up


The Grim Reader

Wow! What an adventure the last 2 weeks have been! The response to The Grim Reader excerpt on Jane Friedman's blog was wonderful. Several days later, The Grim Reader launched, as many of you know.

That all would have been exciting enough, but it turns out Indiana University Press also advertised the book in Publishers Weeklya really great surprise:

Publishers Weekly advertisement for The Grim Reader

And, thanks to many of you, The Grim Reader remained on the Amazon Top New Release list during the launch. 

If you haven't gotten your copy yet (or one for your favorite writer friend), the links are below. It's available in Ebook and Paperback at the following booksellers: 

Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Bookshop  Books-A-Million

Already have yours? 

Please take a moment to leave a review online. Not only will that help me reach more writers, but will help the writers find me, as well. I'd also love to see scenes you come up with using The Grim Reader. You can share them with me at info@grimreaders.com. 

What's next?

I'll be interviewed by Polly Campbell for her Simply Write with Polly Podcast in early March. I'm also lining up several other podcasts to discuss The Grim Reader. I'll share release dates for the podcasts soon. 

On We Merrily Stumble


Are you getting ready to query? Have you considered entering an online Pitch contest? Truemany have gone by the wayside. But there's one coming up in March that's really worth considering: the Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG) Twitter Pitch will be held March 27th, 2024 from 10a to 8p EST. 

What happens during an online pitch contest? The basics include:

  • Posting your pitch periodocally throughout the day
  • Posts are seen by agents scanning for possible matches to their mansucript interests
  • Agents may "like" your post, indicating they're willing to see more of your manuscript.

 Get more details here.


Hopefully, you checked out Pilates for both injury prevention and healing after last month's newsletter.

This month, I wanted to support your ability to work on PT exercises at home. Of course, it's important to not just do them, but to understand how they should be done and why.

I recommend checking out Rehab Science for videos and easy-to-understand exercises to help heal and avoid injuries.

** Hey Writers! This is for you, too! Do you sit a lot during the day (at work, or at home writing...or both!)? Did you know that sitting can tighten your hipflexors, leading to other imbalances and potential injury? You reallly should consider checking out these videos!

#Networking Writers

From Tri training to writing spaces, here are a few resources to consider:

Happy Writing!
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