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The Grim Reader

The Grim Reader book cover with teh title words in blakc over a bottle of spilled pills, a dropper bottle, and a syrup bottle.

It's been an exciting week, from The Grim Reader excerpt appearing on Jane Friedman's blog to a guest post on Writers in the Storm.

But today is even more special. I've been waiting for this moment for several years and many of you have supported me through this journey. Thank you!

The Grim Reader releases today! 

"A manuscript-saving must-read resource—An absolute necessity for every mystery thriller writer. Don't type another word without this!"~Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today bestselling author

Please consider ordering a copy for yourself or as a gift for a writer you know. Here are more reviews to check out. 

It's available in:

                EBook and Paperback

                And at Amazon

I'd also love it if you would reach out to your local library to request they stock a copy on their shelves. (ISBN978-1684352142)

I need to thank my agent Amy Collins (with Talcott Notch Literary Service) for believing in my unique concept, Dan Crissman at Indiana University Press for taking a chance on a newbie author, and Red Lightening Books for releasing The Grim Reader into the world. 

For those of you in Arizona, I'm working on a book launch party. But not just any launch party! Yes- we'll have snacks, drinks, fun, and a book signing. But I'll also share The Grim Journey presentation, including the roller-coaster, behind-the-scenes adventure of getting this writing guide published. This presentation offers a lot a hindsight look at lessons learned, from agent acquisition to the reality of traditional publishing.

On We Merrily Stumble


Yesterday, I met with a group of local writers. In between our writing sprints, we got into some deep discussion about the often-quoted tip "Write what you know." We discussed the misconceptions with what that means and real ways to use it to improve our writing. As it turns out, last week I guest blogged on that very same topic (great minds think alike!).

A worn parchment colored rectangle wtih the quote write what you know by mark twain typed in black

See Uncovering the Truth About "Write What you Know" for a pen-to-paper exercise that may help you, too.



If you've done any form of tri training, you've likely also faced concerns of (or actual) injury. One great method to both avoid or heal from overuse or repetitive use injuries is Pilates. (Pilates is often confused with yoga, but is extremly different). 

Invented by a physical trainer during WWI to help injured troops, Joseph Pilates' techniques have been used by triathletes, professional ballerinas, and many others to not only strengthen and lengthen muscles, but to heal and protect going forward. Check out a few starter tips here.

**Writers! This is also great for you to keep yourself in prime shape. Sitting at that computer writing a lot can wreak havoc on your glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors! Give Pilates a try and see if you don't feel better while composing that next plot. 

#Networking Writers

From Tri training to writing spaces, here are a few references to consider:  

  • The Pilates Effect: Heroes Behind the Revolution 
  • Swim Workout in a Binder: A waterproof, poolside flip-chart with workouts for speed, endurance, or just base building. It's a great way to mix things up a bit and have a pre-developed workout for the day.  

Happy Writing!

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