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The Grim Reader

Cover of The Grim Reader by Miffie Seideman

The Grim Reader is coming out a week from today and I couldn't be more excited!

Or maybe I can.

Because today, Jane Friedman blogged an excerpt of The Grim Reader. If you'd like to get a glimpse of what's between the covers, now's your chance. If you do, please take a moment to add a comment to the post to let Jane Friedman (and me) know you dropped by.

This is also a special chance for me to get the word out about The Grim Reader before it's published next week.


On We Merrily Stumble


It's 2024 already, and many of you are rolling up your sleeves to get back in the query trenches. I think one of the hardest parts to querying is writing such a great pitch that an agent can't put it down. Most of us need a lot of help in this category. If you want to get some great guidance on perfecting that query letter, check out Jane Friedman's $25 class coming up on 1/13 (also available as a recording). 

Got that pitch and query ready to go? How strong do you think your comp titles are? For me, this is always such a challenge- to not only find comparable titles, but those with enough sales to demonstrate meaningful market potential to an agent. If you're looking for help figuring out comps, try the Comp Title Intensive coming up in February. It's being run by my agent Amy Collins, from Talcott Notch Literary Services. So, I may be biased, but I think the Intensive will be awesome. 


My only advice for you this month is to consider the Zuma Beach Triathlon mentioned above. If you want to try an open water swim, or you're aching to do a race in a gorgeous venue, this one is well worth doing. Also, they fixed the fish problem under the bridge from last year (a story for another day).

#Networking Writers

From Tri training to decluttering our writing spaces, here are a few references to consider:  

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Look for my guest post at the Writers in the Storm blog later this week. 


As always, I appreciate all of you joining me on this journey. And now...back to writing about my dear dragons...

Happy Writing!

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