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A big Thank You to those of you who noticed my computer ate the previous email, sending you all a blank page. And while that makes for some quick reading, I thought you might appreciate something a little more interesting!

Catching Up

It's finally cooled down here in Arizona. Not even two weeks ago, I didn't know whether to pull out my sweater box or reach for a t-shirt. Temperatures were swinging from the 60's in the morning to over 100 by the early afternoon. But temperatures in Phoenix have finally managed to drop to the 50-70's and suffering 115-degree summer days have faded into the past. 

Crazy Triathlon 

Somehow the summer heat gave me the idea to coach some tri-newbies and it turned into a wonderfully inspiring project. A handful of women stepped up to attempt their very first mini-triathlon. Many were new to swimming; most hadn't touched a bike in 20-30 years. All were looking for a fresh start after suffering health setbacks, weight gain, and depression that began during Covid. I'm so happy to say that 8 women crossed the finish line of their first race. What's better? They've asked to keep the practices going so they can train for a Spring race!  


The Grim Reader

I disappeared during the summer heat into local (iced) coffee shops to finish all the copyedits and indexing for The Grim Reader. And what a learning experience it was. I'm glad to say the manuscript is finally off to the printers and due to hit bookshelves January 16th, 2024! I've been invited to share the journey with a local writing group at the end of this month, from getting an agent to the copyediting process to getting book blurbs. I'm really looking forward to connecting with these local writers. 

AND I finally have a cover to reveal! 



With all that behind me, I've turned my creative energies to my fantasy love story. The storyline is drafted and I'm on my second pass—coloring in the scenes, walking them through, working out the dialogue...sometimes out loud, which does draw some stares in the coffee shops.

What's next? Holiday baking of course. I LOVE baking Holiday cookies and breads. Probably too much, because they all require sampling...right? 

On We Merrily Stumble


One of the topics I struggled with while writing The Grim Reader was the inclusion of profanity (or cussing) in dialogue. As authors, we want to make dialogue sound authentic, immersing readers in the most realistic scene possible. I mean, if my drug-dealing character says, "Shucks, this is really good cocaine," how believable would that be? But the magnitude and style of cussing can have far reaching implications for a story. It needs to align with the contemporary speech of the story's historical setting, the age of your characters, and so many more variables. If you're planning to include some "4-letter words" in your stories, here's a post to help you consider your approach. 


Many triathletes dive into training and races as an escape mechanism from life's struggles, but this last few months have brought uncertainty and tragedy to the sport, from the cancellation of IM Penticton due to the Canadian wildfires to the tragic deaths of 2 athletes during IM Ireland. To compound this latter tragedy, IM Ireland may not have been a sanctioned event, due to concerns over race conditions. If that's true, the race director knowingly put 1000's of athlete's lives in danger, by not canceling the event. An investigation is ongoing

Through it all, though, there has been hope. Recently, the Women's Ironman World Championships were held in Kona, Hawaii and the Men's event was held in Nice, France. I won't spoil the endings, except to say they can be uplifting in this currently emotionally-charged world stage. Check out the videos: 

Kona World Championship Recap

Nice World Championship Recap

#Networking Writers

With everything going on in the world, couldn't we all use some positive reading? Here are a few good reads to help revitalize your positive energy. 

Worthy Reads Online: 

The House Guest, a brand new thriller from Hank Phillippi Ryan, a USA Today Bestselling author

Shifting Gears: From "Sasquatch with a Dad bod" to triathlete and overcoming addiction

An ER Doc Explains Why You Get Sick After A Triathlon Swim  

This Month's Author Spotlight: 

I opened the mail to find these autographed copies from a local author. It's always great to see other writer's doing well and David's books have been popular. Check him out at: DavidMartinLins.com 

Upcoming Posts:

I've been invited to write an article for Writer's Digest (I'm super excited!) and in January, I'll be guest blogging for Writers in the Storm. 

As always, I appreciate all of you joining me on this journey. And a big welcome to the newest subscribers, as well! 

Happy Writing!

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