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The Grim Reader: 

I have very exciting news to share! My cover reveal is in the works. I admit, this is such new territory for me, I don't even really know what a cover reveal fully entails. But, like much of the process of getting my book published, I'm learning as I go through each step. I also made it through the copyedited version of my manuscriptquite a featand it's been moved off to production. 


I've really appreciated all the support over the last couple of years to get to this point. What comes next? I'm not entirely clear, but I know it will be an adventure. 


Tri Training:

To balance out life, I started a small triathlon training group for folks that have never done a triathlon. When I got the idea, I didn't know if anyone would raise their hand to join the group. We are now 9 strong, with 2 more joining us after their summer vacations! I've met quite an eclectic group of people through the processthose that haven't been on a bike in years, some that don't swim, many that can't run due to various injuries or joint issues. There are engineers, sales associates, stay-at-home mom's, and retirees. But they all have one thing in common: the desire to try something new and challenge themselves in the process. 


...of course, I'm also getting great character ideas for my next novel. 


What's going on in your world?

How are you challenging yourself to grow this year? Are you working on a new story? Or making your way to your next (or first) triathlon?


I'd love to put together a post of the personal goals and challenges people decide to tackle and why. Your story may just be the one that inspires someone to raise their hand and begin a new journey. Let me know here



On We Merrily Stumble

I took a break from posting while I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the manuscript copyedit. It was definitely a labor of love.


But now that the manuscript is off to production, I've written a post discussing Tranq dopethe newest, most deadly street drug wreaking havoc in the US. This one makes fentanyl look tame! While the information is directed toward writers looking for a new angle to throw a wrench into a character's life, it also offers important basic information about Tranq dope that everyone should know. You may never know who in your life might be given a counterfeit pill laced with tranq dope: a student-athlete who thinks he's taking a headache pill he got from a teammate, the grandparent with severe, poorly treated arthritis pain who turns to street "oxycodone," the college student that buys an "Adderall" off someone in the dorm. 

#Networking Writers

Worthy Reads online: 



This Month's Author Spotlight: 


Matt Fitzgerald is always a great read for triathletes. From this interview to his book "Racing Weight: How to get lean for peak performance," Matt's a wealth of knowledge.


I also highly recommend Iron War- his gripping true story of the infamous 1989 battle between the Ironman legends Mark Allen and Dave Scott.


Every triathlete should read this.


And for authors, it's a master-class in character arcs, character quirks, and page-turning devices that not only work, but really happened. 

Upcoming Posts:

As I write this, I'm in a little town a few hours south of Vienna for Ironman Austria. The lake (above) is where the swim for the race will take place. It's absolutely gorgeous! I tested out the water with a swim amongst the athletes and the fish. I won't be racing this year, but I'm here to cheer on my husband for his 19th IM race!

Ok...to be honest, I'm here to eat a LOT of Austrian pastries while I do some cheering. I'm telling myself it's a business trip to learn new pastry recipesI run a small home bakery specializing in heritage baked goods. This means real Scottish shortbread from my family heritage and German treats from my husband's.

So clearly, a trip to Vienna to test out Austrian delicacies will help my business...right? 

Where was I going with all of this? Ah...Look for upcoming posts covering: 

  • A review of Ironman Austria,
  • Travel tips in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany,
  • and a recipe (or two) of German dessert treats sure to please at the next family gathering. 

And, keep an eye out this week for a post with tips for writing realistic melatonin overdoses. 

Happy Writing!