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How's Your Journey Going?

How's that New Year's Resolution coming along? I had a bit of a stumble myself, but got back up to keep trying. Hopefully, you're hanging in there, too. If you missed my tips on making this year's resolution successful, even if you've hit a glitch, they can be found here. 


February is always a fun month, with the Super Bowl, Valentines (or Galentines!), and the promise of better weather just ahead. Today, I'm busy prepping my Super Bowl Sunday snacks. Who are you cheering for, Eagles or Chiefs?

What's New?

Every January, the Writers in the Storm blog announces the top 12 most popular posts of the previous year. I'm excited and humbled to be named to the WITS Dynamic Dozen for 2022. 


This year also brings my ongoing journey with The Grim Reader, as it makes its way toward publication. I'm learning so much about the process. Dan Crissman (Acquisitions Editor, Indiana University Press) has posted A Grim Reader page for my January 2024 release. (It's getting real, folks!) 


While I'm waiting for the next round of edits to The Grim Reader, I'm busy writing. My guest blog for Writers in the Storm this month focused on tips for creating a more relatable character by giving them a simple habit with socially popular drugs. I'm also having fun writing my fantasy love story. With a goal of writing one scene a day, I'm hoping for a complete rough draft by the end of February.

The Write World

How's your writing going? With NaNoWriMo behind us, you may be staring at your own rough draft, elated or crying. Either way, take comfort that all roads lead to editing. 


But a word of caution: avoid the temptation to submit that precious word baby just yet. Even if you have a wonderful concept, submitting it now can get doors closed to great agents. Unless you're lucky enough to get an R&R (Revise and Resubmit), agents often don't accept re-submission of a previously rejected manuscript. How do I know? Check out this true story and get tips on the next steps you should take with your manuscript. I've included links to great resources. 


Pitching, anyone? I'd love to know if you've pitched recently, in person or online. How did it go? Is there a pitch event you recommend? Drop me a note here. I'd like to create a future post on pitch event insights from writers that have given them a try. 


The Tri World

The world is a-changin' and triathlon is no different. The 40 year tradition of holding the World Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii is going through a change.


A big, big change.


Going forward, athletes competing in the men's Championships will rotate yearly between racing in France and Kona. Those competing in the women's division, will race in the alternate location. The jury is out about what this means for the future of triathlon. Brad Culp wrote and excellent, and witty as usual, review of the change. 


Where do you think the World Triathlon Championships should be held? Are you on #TeamFrance or #TeamKona? Let me know

#Networking Writers

In an ongoing effort to support writers, here are this month's worthy reads: 


On We Merrily Stumble

As we stumble into 2023, catching each other along the way, I hope your year starts out well. Links to my recent posts are below, or you can head on over to my blog, On We Merrily Stumble, for more tips and resources to support you on your journey.  

Good luck on your journey!