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Fall has finally arrived in Arizona. We don't get the typical gorgeous fall color changes in Phoenix, but we do get our own special desert version, with flowering cacti adding beautiful color to landscapes.


Here, "fall" means temperatures have dipped below 100 degrees and I can finally plant my garden without fearing it will scorch in the sun.


Some of you may recall my...tiny... garden last season. Behold my harvest! 


Small carrots and tomato pictures next to a much larger silver teaspoon


 I'm optimistic I'll find my green thumb this year!

Fall means back to school, and I'm no exception. I just finished a marvelous course through WriterUniv.com that taught me how to intertwine my story plot with the character and genre-specific plots. I love the way my fantasy is coming together with this process. Next up? The continuation course that promises to take that "braided" story to an even higher level. 


Fall is a time of change, also. I'm hoping to have a great announcement about some upcoming changes. *Stay tuned*

On We Merrily Stumble

If you didn't catch my blog post on hallucinogenic parenting, check it out here. And my 3-part series on the key to smooth triathlon race transitions is here.


This month, I also participated in a blog hop with the Insecure Writers Support Group. We discussed what we love most about our favorite genre. Read here to get my insight and don't be afraid to add some of your own in the comment section! 

#Networking Writers

Worthy online reads: 


  • Letter to Triathletes: for newbies and professional triathletes alike, this is an important read. Most triathletes understand we're guests in whatever towns embrace our crazy races. But in some towns, we have almost overstayed our welcome, due to the actions of a few. This letter points out what needs to happen, if we want our great sport to continue.



Worthy print reads: 


Seven Drafts, by Allison K Williams

I'm again going to tip my hat to my agent, Amy Collins (Talcott Notch Literary Services), who has recommended another fantastic writing craft book. I'm using it with my current fantasy draft. It promises to help take you from an empty page to a well-edited manuscript in 7 specific draft steps. It's been a great resource, so far. 


Iron War, by Matt Fitzgerald

It's October and that means the Ironman Triathlon World Championships will be held in Kona, Hawaii in just a few short weeks.(Why yes, I will be having a viewing party).This book recounts the most iconic race in triathlon history between two Ironman legends: Mark Allen and Dave Scott. From the mindset of these elite athletes to the competitive minute-by-minute race recap, this book is a page-turner. 


Book covers of Severn Drafts and Iron War books

Upcoming Posts:

Keep an eye out at my blog for these upcoming posts: 

  • Can you overdose on melatonin? 
  • Triathlon spectating tips

You'll find links to other recent posts below. 


Happy Writing!



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