Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!
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Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!

Like when your website has a bug and sends out a totally blank newsletter. 

Like this morning. 

Thank you so much for your patience in getting a second email in one day! 

And thanks to the quick action and brilliance of Deleyna's Dynamic Designs, who developed my website, you should be getting a real newsletter now. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Catching Up (For real this time!)

The sizzling Arizona summer is coming along quite nicely, as is the plotting of my fantasy. I'm really happy with the new plot Excel calculator I made. I've made great progress toward actually getting pen to paper,and finally translating those spreadsheet beats into written scenes. 

Do you use a template or spreadsheet when plotting? What's your process for moving from concept to writing? I'd love to know! 

With my family off on grand adventures of their own, I have the entire family room floor to roll out that Post-it strewn butcher paper.

Why, yes. This is the same picture as last month, because...well, the room has stayed the same. If my spreadsheet works, next month this picture will look very different! Wish me luck!

Update on The Grim Reader

I had a great chat with Amy Collins, my agent for my non-fiction handbook on writing character's into believable, perilous drug scenes. Progress is being made getting the pitch out to publishers. This is both and exciting and nerve-wracking time, for sure.

Recommended reading for authors

Amy also pointed me toward a craft book she felt would help me understand the fiction market targets, as I plot away. I'm about half-way through and The Bestseller Code- it's both intriguing and well worth the read. I recommend you give it a read, too. (see link and excerpt below). 

The Bestseller Code- Why did the much maligned 50 Shades of Grey (which on the surface looked to be about nothing more than proof that sex sells) really sell so well? To find out, the authors of The Bestseller Code have taught a computer to read and develop algorithms to describe what the top selling books have in common.

Hint- it's rarely sex. And it's not author name recognition. 

So...why did 50 Shades really do so well? What is it that makes a book soar to the top of the best seller list, and other not? And, more importantly, how can you funnel the computer information into your next project to give yourself a fighting chance at a bestseller? Check out this data laden craft book to find out. 

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