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Catching Up

I've finally finished unpacking from Scotland (yes, I know it's been awhile-don't judge) and gotten sadly used to not being served a full Scottish breakfast every morning.  


And it's clear from the weather that I'm nowhere near the Highlands. I'm getting daily 'excessive heat warnings' on my phone. The summer heat has firmly landed in Phoenix, where 'triple digit' weather really doesn't count until it's at least 110 degrees. But the monsoon is right around the corner, ready to turn the scorching heat into a sauna, as torrential rains and dust storms swoop through the valley. It sounds like a great time to stay in the cool indoors to write!

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On We Merrily Stumble

~Lifting each other up as we stumble merrily through life~

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FREE crime/thriller writing conference:

How often do writers get a free...anything? ProWriting Aid is hosting Crime Writers Week 6/17-6/21. It's online. It's free. Pre-register here

Industry insights:

There are some uncomfortable changes occuring in the publishing world (again) as consumer's taste changes. I'd love to say it's the passing fancy of Romantasy, but it runs much deeper than that. Stay on top of the roller-coaster of changes by checking out these two important reads: 

Resources for writers:

A number of you reached out after my request for writer connections and links. THANK YOU! Here are some of those recommendations:

  • No Stress Writing Academy
    • Marketing 101- sign up for FREE through the No Stress Writing Academy link to this marketing class. Taught by Deleyna Marr, get insider tips to marketing and a forum to connect with other writers. 
  • NovelMalpractice: Get a writer-physician's insider scoop on writing characters with illness, injury, and medical emergencies.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors Podcast: I spent a good portion of the last week listening to this podcast. There's a LOT of insight for writers here, from how to troubleshoot your manuscript's ending to tips on developing antagonsists that really work. 
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Have Heart!

The world of Triathlon is rarely stunned. But this past week two of the all-time greatest Ironman triathletes had open heart surgery within days of each other sending the triathlon world buzzing. 

Thankfully, they're both fine and healing post-surgery. In fact, their recovery is likely to be faster and easier (although still extremely challenging) due to their great physical condition before surgery. 

Find out more about these two triathlon icons here: 

If you want a good overview of heart issues and endurance sports, this article is worth a read (as well as it's links to other articles): 

From the Heart: A former Ironman Pro's Story of Heart Risks for Athletes, by T. Sindballe

Escape From Alcatraz

This past week also saw the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon- a difficult race known for its icy cold waters and for being so popular that a lottery is held every year to be able to compete.

I've linked a video of the race here. If you want to see something uinique, fast forward to 22:42 on the video to watch the swim start, where athletes perch on a small, 45 cm ledge on the side of a boat and launch themselves into the freezing cold waters. 

Why watch? Because it's not only pretty cool, but it makes many other races you could sign up for seem, well...normal. 

Swimming Olympic Trials:                      

Not everything is about triathlons (Please do NOT tell anyone I said that). This weekend brings the Olympic swimming trials in the Lucas Oil Stadium.  

Wait! Isn't that an NFL football stadium?

Yes it is! But temporary pools were constructed just for the trials...a huge feat! There are 2 warm up pools and a race pool. Each must not only meet health regulations, but also Olympic pool requirements, from temperature to the flow dynamics within the pools.

This is now officially the largest indoor swimming venue. Watch the construction timelapse video here

Want to watch the swim trials? Here's an article on how to watch the excitement. They start today and continue for several days. Enjoy! 

How About You? 

I love hearing from writers and triathletes. Let me know how your journey is going and resources that have helped you. Do you have a great training podcast? Do you have writing connections to share? Let me know here

In the meantime, enjoy my new posts (below) from On We Merrily Stumble.


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