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First, I want to welcome all the newcomers. Thank you for joining the journey with the rest of us. Whether you're a writer, a triathlete (or both!), I hope you find a few nuggets that help you and a some that make you laugh. 

Catching Up

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My last several weeks have involved hiking through the highlands of Scotland and retracing the steps of the infamous Rob Roy MacGregor. As a descendant of the once outlawed clan and the "Children of the Mist," I spent (probably too much) time wandering the misty moors and storied bloody battlefields, while tipping back plenty of pints to wash down haggis. There may have even been an incident involving hopping a barbed wire fence to cross a private sheep pasture and uncover a monument hidden deep in the woods. But it was all worth it! I walked away with plenty of new ideas for my fantasy manuscript (and managed to narrowly avoid getting arrested). 

I also met these adorable heilan coos.* Meet Honey and Haymitch! 


I wanted to bring them home with me so badly- darn TSA rules, anyway! (*Scots for 'highland cows'. Scots and gaelic are both spoken in various parts of Scotland...more about that in a future post.)

Now, I'm unpacking and trying to get myself back to writing and racing. (Ah, reality!)

On We Merrily Stumble

~Lifting each other up as we stumble merrily through life~

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Don't forget that 5/23 (that's THIS Thursday) is one of the last Twitter pitch contests still around. If you like to write DARK, this is for you (including dark fantasy, horror, murder mystery, psych horror, and even dark-topic non-fiction). For more information, check here. And let me know on Twitter if you're entering- I'd love to give you a RT. 

Meeting other writers: 

Conferences are expensive and finding in-person writing groups with the right vibe can be hard. But keep your eyes out for my next newsletter! I'm including a list of author websites to help keep you connected. (Some of you have already sent me links. YAY! If you haven't, send them using this form to be included in the next newsletter). 

Resources for writers:

If you missed these downloads when you signed up for my newsletter, here are the links again: 

  • Writing Resource Handout- get links to everything from sites with writing topic specialists (like Trauma Fiction or medical scenario specialist Dr. Ronda Wells) to organizations with legal contract expertise. 
  • Motivational Workbook- sounds dull, I'm sure! But taking a few minutes to understand your brain feedback loop may help you put down the time wasters (like social media) and pump-up your motivation-not just in writing, but in ALL facets of your life. Can't hurt to take a look! 


Blue triathlon bike with back aerobars

New to the sport?

Great! There's one thing I can say about triathletes: we will help newbies out with (usually waaaaay too much) information and resources. Or maybe it just makes us feel more normal if we drag others into this crazy sport! I'll warn you, triathlon IS addicting.

To start your training off on the right foot, here are some great resources: 

  • Beginner Triathlete- this website has everything, from training plans for newbies to nutrition information and race reviews.  
  • Purple Patch Podcast: a wonderful resource for ALL triathletes. 

Been doing triathlons awhile?

Is the amount you spend on new equipment only rivaled by the price you've paid for all your race entry fees? You could probably use a laugh about now (and assurance you haven't gone over the edge).

I'm here to help (or at least be co-dependent). Check out these videos: 

See? Don't you feel sooooo much more normal now? Signing up for an Ironman doesn't feel so bad now, does it? ooooops!


How About You? 

How's your journey going? None of us have to go it alone, whether it's stepping up to that starting line or trying to finally type "THE END." Let me know how it's going. Ask questions. If I can't help, I probably know a resource that can. 

In the meantime, On We Merrily Stumble.


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