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Old leather bagpipe with mustard yellow bellows and wooden chanters. Played by A MacGregor for Bonnie Prince Charlie during the Jacobite Uprising.I'm deep into the packing lists for my trip to Scotland. I've spent the last several weeks outlining (in far too much detail), each leg of the trip. But the anticipation has kept a skip in my step, even if there's a great chance that all my plans will be rained out and we'll spend a better portion of our time in pubs, tapping our toes to celtic music.

Catching Up
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On We Merrily Stumble

~Lifting each other up as we stumble merrily through life~

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Calls for Submissions: Check out these no fee writing contests in May. 

Paid writing gigs: Wouldn't you just love to get back a little of the money you put into your publishing dream? Here are 87 calls for submissions (that pay) for May. 

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The Return of The Wildflower Experience!

If you've been in the tri world awhile, you've heard of the Wildflower Long Course (and Olympic). This is an iconic event that's been raced for decades in the California Mountains, just north of Paso Robles. And I do mean mountains. This 1/2 iron-distance challenge is not for the faint of heart- with 6% grades on the bike ride and 40 mph decents. (I actually had to ride my brakes last time to keep from cresting over 30 mph without pedaling. I mean, I did want to live.) Wildflower is also called the Woodstock of Triathlons for...reasons. Listen here to an interview with Bob Babbit about the challenges and efforts being battled to bring this race back. 

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