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Healthy Emotional Endurance for Writers- 7 Quick Tips

Writers need a lot of persistence.

A black fuel tank gauge with the red needle pointing to E as a symbol of a writers empty emotional tank

We also need a lot of endurance—specifically, emotional endurance.

Your emotional endurance fuel tank level can impact how well you can physically and mentally make it through your deadlines and how much you enjoy day-to-day life.

As writers with so many competing obligations in life, our daily routine can end up looking like this:

“You’re training to get to that point of depletion and breaking, then finding a way to operate in that space for as long as you possibly can until you either pass out or get across the finish line.” Dr. Spencer, Triathlete Magazine

Is this you?

If so, you owe it to yourself to refill your emotional endurance level with tips in this article.

More tips for living a less stressful and more enjoyable writing adventure, can be found here. You’ll find everything from tips on dealing with doubt to dealing with self-sabotage.

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Happy Refueling!

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