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2/7/2024 SALE!! THE GRIM READER is being offered at 30% off until 2/14 by Indiana University Press! Go directly to their website (here) and enter the code ULOVE.

2/6/2024: 5-Star Reviews! I’m so humbled/excited/happy to share that readers are giving THE GRIM READER 5-star reviews. *****

1/16/2024: The Grim Reader: a pharmacist’s guide to putting your characters in peril is currently a Top New Release on Amazon!

What’s it all about? Here’s an excerpt, but you can see the previews and full description here:

You know those movie scenes, when a character instantly passes out from a chloroform-soaked rag across the face, then stays unconscious for a few scenes? Yeah, those aren’t real. Since many authors draw from headlines or movies rather than personal experience when writing scenes involving drugs, the results may be more fiction than fact. The Grim Reader is a much-needed resource for screenwriters and novelists for getting those annoying facts right, while creating believable, page-turning plots and deep character backstories.

Check it out on Amazon or on my Books page.

1/12/2024: “Write what you know?” Yes! but what does it really mean? See a fresh take on this often confusing writer’s tip and learn how to make it work for you at today’s Writers in the Storm blog post.

1/9/2024: Jane Friedman is excerpting The Grim Reader on her blog! Drop by to take a look inside the cover and chat in the comments.

1/8/2024: The Grim Reader is being published in just a few days! Pre-order today and it will automatically ship on January 16th. This is a great gift for any writer, including yourself! Get tips and tricks to penning believable drug-related dangers and deep character backstories to help you get started on your next novel. Check out my book page for quick order links. Coming out from Red Lightening Books and Indiana Universtiy Press.

10/13/2022: I am so thrilled to announce THE GRIM READER: PUTTING YOUR CHARACTERS IN PERIL (A PHARMACISTS GUIDE FOR AUTHORS) was picked up by Dan Crissman at Indiana University Press through the incredible efforts of Amy Collins at Talcott Notch Literary Services!!

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