Thanks for dropping by! Here you’ll find plenty of writing tips, from dealing with writer’s block to bolstering up that sagging middle, and everything in between. Most of what I’ve learned about writing comes from training for triathlons, and since I can’t be the only tri-geek writer, I’ve got a whole section of triathlon tips, too. Never done one? Check out a couple of those articles. You might just wanna Tri.

So mugs up, swim caps on, and let’s dive in!


I am so thrilled to announce THE GRIM READER: PUTTING YOUR CHARACTERS IN PERIL (A PHARMACISTS GUIDE FOR AUTHORS) was picked up by Dan Crissman at Indiana University Press through the incredible efforts of Amy Collins at Talcott Notch Literary Services!!

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  • Finding Great Story Ideas in Everyday Life Experiences

    Finding Great Story Ideas in Everyday Life Experiences

    Great story ideas can be found in the world around us. Join this month’s discussion by authors sharing how they get their ideas.

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  • Plotting with Tranq Dope: Your Character’s New Demon

    Plotting with Tranq Dope: Your Character’s New Demon

    When writers ask for unusual and lethal drugs to consider for a plot twist, my list usually includes Krokodil. When I describe the effects of Krokodil, the typical response is disbelief. Why would anyone use a drug that’s demonically addictive AND rots their flesh, eventually leading to amputation, death, or both? While I can’t give…

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  • Shhhhh! and Write

    Shhhhh! and Write

    The world if full of inspiration for stories, characters, and plots. This month’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group question to share is: when you are working on a story, what inspires you to write? Join us in our blog hop to get tips from other authors and meet like-minded writers. Links to the blog hop are…

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