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Thanks for dropping by! Here you’ll find plenty of writing tips, from dealing with writer’s block to bolstering up that sagging middle, and everything in between. Most of what I’ve learned about writing comes from training for triathlons, and since I can’t be the only tri-geek writer, I’ve got a whole section of triathlon tips, too. Never done one? Check out a couple of those articles. You might just wanna Tri.

So mugs up, swim caps on, and let’s dive in!


Podcasts, Guest Blogs, and Interviews

PHARMACY PRACTICE NEWS June 21, 2024: My adventures that took me from being a retired pharmacist to the published author of The Grim Reader are detailed in a fun interview with Pharmacy Practice News. After decades in the world of pharmacy, I was very touched that PPN reached out to celebrate my success and highlight my unique post-pharmacy career!

Jane Friedman – Read a review and excerpt of The Grim Reader on Jane Friedman’s blog.

Books Shows Tunes and Mad Acts podcast episode is up-Listen now! We had so much fun discussing everything from creating more scene tension by using real drug symptoms (instead of the “insta-dead” scenarios), to including recent drug trends into your plots, such as microdosing LSD, for powerful and memorable experiences for readers. We delved into current drug trends in America and the risks of writers spreading false (and sometimes dangerous) drug information by not thoroughly researching before writing. W also had a fun small world moment regarding author Susan Breen (of the Maggie Dove mystery series).

Simpy Write with Polly Campbell podcast- Listen here! Such an excellent discussion about how to remain grounded while working, writing, training for triathlons, being a mom… We chat about priorities and making back up plans for “those” days (and there can be a LOT of those, can’t there?). We delve into why it’s so important to get the facts right as writers, while still maintaining our creativity. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Way-Word Writers Podcast interview-Listen now. I had a great time chatting with the folks over at Way-Word Writers, sharing insight on the journey to THE GRIM READER, how it’s designed to help writers get the pesky details right, when plotting perilous drug scenes, and how to use drug backgrounds to create deeper, more relatable characters.

5-Star Reviews

5-star reviews and I’m ecstatic!

It’s not just about overdoses. The Grim Reader is designed to help you turn fake drug scenes into realistic page-turners. No more ‘instant dead’ drug scenes in spy or thriller stories. Need a “truth serum” scene? The Grim Reader has you covered, with tips on what to (and what not to do). Need to figure out what drug fits your scenario? The Grim Reader includes symptom tables and indexes to help you pick just the right focus for your plot.

1/8/2024: The Grim Reader is being published in just a few days! Pre-order today and it will automatically ship on January 16th. This is a great gift for any writer, including yourself! Get tips and tricks to penning believable drug-related dangers and deep character backstories to help you get started on your next novel. Check out my book page for quick order links. Coming out from Red Lightening Books and Indiana Universtiy Press.

10/13/2022: I am so thrilled to announce THE GRIM READER: PUTTING YOUR CHARACTERS IN PERIL (A PHARMACISTS GUIDE FOR AUTHORS) was picked up by Dan Crissman at Indiana University Press through the incredible efforts of Amy Collins at Talcott Notch Literary Services!!

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